Finnish Squeaky Cheese – Juusto

A Pioneer Lane Farm Favorite

Finnish Squeaky Cheese – Video

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Finnish Squeaky Cheese

The video above will show the exact steps on how to make Finnish Squeaky Cheese. The biggest requirement when making it is to have enough time. Plan on it taking about 5 hours. Enjoy!

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Squeaky Cheese: The Ultimate Guide to Making Finnish Leipäjuusto

Due to the incredible response of people wanting to know more about making Finnish Squeaky Cheese, this book was recently published. It is a delightful combination of just a small amount of Finnish and family history, and recounts how the tradition of cheesemaking has been preserved and carried on through the generations. The foreword was written by Outi Alapirtti from the Juusola farm, the place in Northeastern Finland where this recipe and method originated. It is the place where the young Mary was taught by her mother to make this before she left to cross the big ocean to America. Recipe for Finnish Squeaky Cheese

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Finnish Squeaky Cheese is more than merely cheese. Just the mention of the words Finnish Squeaky Cheese or Leipäjuusto brings up different feelings and emotions. It’s a connection to our past. We smile as we go down Memory Lane to times spent on the farm at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. Times spent with cousins. Holiday traditions. Baptisms. Confirmation coffee. Wedding foods. Funeral lunch. Sauna evenings. This tradition is a distinct part of our Finnish heritage.

That’s what this little book is all about. Carrying on Traditions. Sharing with the next generations.

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